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Current UK (talk) , 16 December 2014 (UTC) I did answer the question, but you needed to read between the lines.By "unreliable", you seem to mean "prone to stating unpalatable facts". Given that you have complained about the Independent's "Islamophobic" treatment of a similar case, I would suggest that your heresy-sniffing apparatus is returning false positives. Current UK (talk) , 18 December 2014 (UTC) It is not just me who questions the reliability of the Mail - it is the WP community at large.As in similar sex-abuse cases in other parts of Britain, their victims were typically "vulnerable white girls" who were supposedly under local authority care.The gang coerced the girls into sex with small payments of money, gifts of drugs and alcohol, and by persuading them that having sex with many men was part of "Somali 'culture and tradition'".The idea that the Mail only reports "facts" seems to be somewhat... Ghmyrtle (talk) , 18 December 2014 (UTC)As in the strikingly similar Oxford, Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford prosecutions, the abused girls were almost all white and the gang were of Muslim heritage, but were Somali rather than Pakistani.You may have noticed Wikipedia expressing concern about why so few women edit here.I'll tell you one core reason: because there are waaaaay too many arrogant white males like you deploying their privilege to crush perspectives they disagree with.

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90.2 (talk) , 22 April 2015 (UTC) I am wondering if anyone knows when the events took place prior to November 2014 when the conviction happened.

This kind of data is present on Aylesbury sex gang and Banbury sex gang but not here.

See this archive of discussions, and WP: BLPSOURCES, which states: "Material should not be added to an article when the only sourcing is tabloid journalism.

When material is both verifiable and noteworthy, it will have appeared in more reliable sources." Where are the more reliable sources in this case?

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