Dating and marriage customs in japan

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Unmarried women over 25 were referred to as "Christmas cakes" (a reference to a cake that nobody wants after December 25). The mean age for first marriages was 30.7 for men and 29.0 for women in 2011.For both men and women, the figure was up by 0.2 from the previous year, setting new age records.According to Japanese superstition, a woman in her 30s has , a straw rope decorated with strips of paper, to break the jinx.Participants usually receive a bag of souvenirs, including a charm to fight evil spirits, a bottle of sake, local sweets and chopsticks.Only one in five wanted to marry soon.[Source: Yoshiro Hatano, Ph. and Tsuguo Shimazaki, Encyclopedia of Sexuality, 1997 ] “ Japan has consistently maintained one of the world’s lowest incidence of out-of-wedlock births, well below 5 percent (Lewin 1995).A 1995 study by the Population Council, an international nonprofit New York-based group, reported that only 1.1 percent of Japanese births are to unwed mothers, a figure that has been virtually unchanged for twenty-five years.

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Traditionally, once a man began regularly visiting a woman the were considered married.

Meanwhile, of the couples whose wives married at an age younger than 25, about 50 percent said that they had to because of a pregnancy.

[Source: Daishiro Inagaki, Asahi Shimbun, October 22, 2011] There were 720,417 marriages in Japan in 2005.

This rather high age of marriage is not expected to drop in the near future.

Traditionally, Japanese women were supposed to get married between 23 and 25.

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