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the main reason i love this diary is having the opportunity to reflect on different things and to think forward, think to the future. so my brother got a job, im really happy for him, and now he has money...

With that said, my ambition for writing right now was jsut to think about this past year... too much work, im still rather lazy, like, i don't like planning things, i like just going to weekly events and stuff; it's bad for me but i just feel stuck and i really don't have the time to go searching around right now. But i think this next year there's room for flirting and crushes, i can do that, but a real relationship... so i think i mentioned this earlier but im gonna try to get another job; a weekend job. But basically I'll be giving talks and playing movies to clubs and sororities. oh, about that whole "friend" thing; i say "a friend" but i really just mean someone i know really well and talk to from time to time, she knows me and talks to me but we aren't... Yep, i pretty much just sit around; actually i take that back, i helped my mom on some stuff and then i was sick from the winter flu, im still a little sick now, basically recovering from a whole day without food, i pretty much just slept...

uses are in various complications related to ATA (anatomical therapeutic action). is available in India and sold at almost every medical store, you can not buy LACTODEX HMF without prescription.

In international market you can buy LACTODEX HMF POW N.

issued leaflet regarding side effects of LACTODEX HMF – N.

Brand name is the company specified name for marketing of the drug by a special name patent to them.

POW is prescribed by the Physician Depending upon age, weight, gender and kind of disease etc. However, I can write these entries on this diary thing in a snap! that's pretty impressive considering i did it in like 15 mintues or lessokay let's see, what else to talk about?just to think about what went on and how I'd changed mentally (Unfortunately I can't say I've changed much physically, other than get one year older =/) but yeah... Wow so as the first year at a "real" university it has really changed my outlook, particularly this past semester. real friends i guess, idk what to call yeah, maybe at this new job i'll get to meet a bunch of people (woohoo) uhh's been almost a week since school's been out, gosh it's almost christmas, and im thinkin; 'what am i gonna do? lots of stuff has changed; it's interesting that this diary has only been around for that long... I've managed to get two different jobs (im actually going to try to get another job this Spring semester), anyway, i think if anything I've really learned that life is irreversible. lol uhhh hmmm so alcohol I've got to say, is one of the first things that's not overhyped. :) I guess now the only thing i haven't experienced in life is sex; hmf meh i probably won't experience that anytime so wow i've really gotten off topic, this year... " I;m bored out of my mind, i've been trying to keep busy studying for next semester stuff and all but still...

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