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They communicate the Lord as a cosmic dictator or harsh taskmaster, eagerly waiting for you to make a mistake so that he can “chasten” you.

A friend once told me that God was her “cosmic kill-joy”.

Those who do not follow the rules may be labeled, shunned, shamed, or removed from church positions or even excommunicated.

You may not be allowed to confront or question those in leadership as they are “God’s anointed”.

Spiritual abuse is also the misuse of a position of power, leadership, or influence to further the selfish interests of someone other than the individual who needs help.The leaders take advantage of this by preaching a sermon on how the authority of the leaders shouldn’t be questioned and the cycle of abuse continues as the person is reluctant to even consider that their intuition is correct.Thus the person is stuck at the abusive church, ensnared in the web of manipulation and lies.For example, leaders in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination would frequently communicate the need for us to consult with them (or your discipler) before making decisions especially major decisions.Leadership brings guilt on members for going on vacation especially of that person hasn’t paid the correct amount of tithe.

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