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air vimuktarn na jatu dhlrah purujas tya- janti— Verse 177. Here 'Alauddin is compared with Solomon and his attack on Cltod, with Solomon's attempt on Seba. They reproached him severely and wished to mix a little poison in some food and send it to him ; he would take it and withdraw into the world of the dead without becoming notorious for his dishonour Neither does Ferishta's account stand alone ; for a critical examina- tion of the Khazainul Futuh shows that there is a distinct echo of the siege of Cltod, after the surrender of Ratnasimha, being 1 Kulasthitim kapuru? Am Tr Khusrau observes “The army of Solomon dealt strokes, like those of David, on the fort that reminded them of Seba'*.143155 THE INDIAN HISTORICAL QUARTERLY Edited by NARENDRA NATH LAW Vo V VII CAXTON PUBLICATIONS First Published |93| Published by ; CAXTON PUBLICATIONS B-3/53, Ashok Vihar, Phase-II Delhi-110052. 1 Whatever may have been the motive, it is almost sure that ’Alauddin's demand which was forwarded to the besieged through Ratnasiinha, now a prisoner in the Sultan’s hands, was refused by the latter.India Phone: 7112866 Printed at : Efficient Offset Press, Dayabasti, Delhi CONTENTS Vol. 862 8 52 43), 1931 ARTICLES Page Administration of the Delhi Empire in the pre-Mughal Period 41 By Jogindra Nath Chaudhury, m.a. Thereupon the truce came to an end and hostilities weie resumed. Magana, Suresvara and Bhavabhuti : the Problem of their Identity By Prof. The Raja consented and sent messengers But the Raja's relatives were shocked at the message. 2, 2 For a corrected translation of the piece in question 9 see /•/♦//., 19291 P- 3 7 Z f. THE FIRST Sa Ka OF Cl TOD 297 persisted in on account of a woman, possibly Pad mini.

Going further on, Amir Khusrau compares himself with the bird ‘hudhud* which formed one of the vast retinue of Solomon. The reference to the imperial pavilion clearly points to the camp from which Alauddiu was directing the blockade. Otherwise, we cannot possibly explain the inconsistencies of Amir Khusrau himself and reconcile the Hindu version of the story with that of the Moslem. The Raya is said to have ‘flown' ‘towards the imperial pavilion/ after ‘springing out of the stone-gate*. To accept this version of the story is to be drawn into the rather illogical conclusion, viz., that the arch-culprit secured pardon but the rank and file of his followers were punished.’ 1 On the above considerations, it is clear that we must rearrange the chronology of the expedition as it is recounted in the Khazainul Futuh . No doubt his surrender to the enemy earned him a notoriety, but the very strong epithets used indicate that he had done something much more heinous than mere surrender to the enemy in face of great difficulties. Queen's Donation Edict By Sailendra Nath Mitra, m.a. Sea and Land Travels of a Buddhist Sidhu in the Sixteenth Century By Prof. Tucci Short Chronology of Indian Astronomy By Dr, Sukumar Ranian Das. Besides, he is said to have distinctly thrown away the •family prestige* which was held so dear by the Rajputs.

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