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Harassment, intimidation or bullying behavior can take many forms and can vary in how serious it is, and what impact it has on the targeted individual and other students.

Accordingly, there is no one prescribed response to verified acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying. harassment, intimidation or bullying as defined above will generally warrant disciplinary action against the perpetrator of such harassment, intimidation or bullying, whether and to what extent to impose disciplinary action (detention, in and out-of-school suspension or expulsion) is a matter for the professional discretion of the building principal.

All reports of harassment not covered by this policy shall be investigated in accordance with the policies applicable to the particular harassment. School administrators shall notify both the parents of a student who commits acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying and the parents or guardians of students against whom such acts were committed, and to allow access to any written reports pertaining to the incident, to the extent permitted by ORC Section 3319.321 and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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If a complaint arises out of conflict between students or groups of students, peer mediation may be considered. Inform school personnel of the incident and instruct them to monitor the victim and the offending party for indications of harassing, intimidating and bullying behavior.

Further, the administrator is directed to implement strategies for protecting a victim from retaliation following a report.

Verified acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying shall result in intervention by the building principal or his/her designee that is intended to assure that the prohibition against harassment, intimidation or bullying behavior is enforced, with the goal that any such harassment, intimidation or bullying behavior will end as a result.

Harassment, intimidation and bullying of students in the school environment can substantially interfere with their ability to learn, perform, and feel safe.

Therefore, any conduct, communication, activity, or practice that occurs at any time, on school property or during any school sponsored event and at the times, and/or places set forth in the Code of Student Conduct, that constitutes harassment, intimidation or bullying involving students shall be strictly prohibited.

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