Us army airborne graudating class photos

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At the National Speakers Association convention I attended one year, a heavy-set, 50ish woman showed a movie she had made about her taking parachute lessons culminating in her jumping into the Pacific Ocean off Los Angeles—the standard end of that school’s course.

Someone once said that politics was Hollywood for ugly people.

So we could not see out until we momentarily stood in the door. ” Within seconds, I was standing in the door for the first time.

You wait, then a green light goes on and the jumpmaster, who does not jump, starts yelling, “Go! He slapped me on the back of my thigh, the signal for me to jump.

I was a platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division in the summer of 1969 before I went to Vietnam.

Other details of my military service are at my military page.

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Although I have a lot of problems with Ranger training as discussed at my article on the subject, I generally have few problems with airborne training.

I could do without the petty harassment that the military seems to think has to accompany all learning experiences including Jump School.

And I suspect three weeks is longer than necessary.

The salient aspect is the courage to jump out of an airplane.

The bottom line is that nowadays, everyone from teenage girls to grandparents jumps out of air planes which proves that jumping out of an airplane is not as big of a deal as many current and former paratroopers would have you believe.

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