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Lesson Sections- Mini-Biographies (French)- Mini-Debates (French)- Famous People (Spanish)- Famous Places (Spanish)- Famous Things (Spanish)- Mini-Debates (Spanish)- Discussion Starters (Spanish)- Everyday Dialogues (Spanish)- Everyday Idioms (Spanish)- Mini-Biographies (Spanish)- Famous People (French)- Famous Places (French)- Famous Things (French)- Writing in English- Living in English- Discussion Starters- Mini-Debates- Detective Series- Everyday Idioms- Everyday Idioms (Part 2)- Everyday Dialogues- Famous People- Famous Places- Famous Things- Mini-Biographies- English At Work- Business in English - Traveling in English- Grammar Stories- Basic Grammar Sentences- Grammar Practice Worksheets- Holidays- Every Day is a Holiday- Health Matters- Role Plays- Simple Sentences- Functional English- American Presidents Lesson Plans The United Nations - (Famous Things) Hemp - (Famous Things) Cocoa - (Famous Things) Coke - (Famous Things) Prohibition - (Famous Things) The Internet - (Famous Things) Croissants - (Famous Things) Cell Phones - (Famous Things) Cigarettes - (Famous Things) Glass - (Famous Things) Golf - (Famous Things) Soccer - (Famous Things) Paper - (Famous Things) The Ballpoint Pen - (Famous Things) Braille - (Famous Things) Gum - (Famous Things) Coffee - (Famous Things) The Olympics - (Famous Things) Penicillin - (Famous Things) Beer - (Famous Things) Rock n Roll - (Famous Things) Neck Ties - (Famous Things) Hockey - (Famous Things) Wine - (Famous Things) Jazz - (Famous Things) The Great Wall - (Famous Places) The Dead Sea - (Famous Places) The Eiffel Tower - (Famous Places) The Bermuda Triangle - (Famous Places) The Taj Mahal - (Famous Places) The Panama Canal - (Famous Places) The Statue of Liberty - (Famous Places) The Great Pyramids - (Famous Places) The Berlin Wall - (Famous Places) Mount Everest - (Famous Places) The Channel Tunnel - (Famous Places) Stonehenge - (Famous Places) Machu Picchu - (Famous Places) The Western Wall - (Famous Places) The Parthenon - (Famous Places) Easter Island - (Famous Places) Chernobyl - (Famous Places) Leaning Tower of Pisa - (Famous Places) The Space Station - (Famous Places) Disneyland - (Famous Places) Love Canal - (Famous Places) Deadwood - (Famous Places) The Pentagon - (Famous Places) Angkor Wat - (Famous Places) New Orleans - (Famous Places) Mecca - (Famous Places) Travel - (Living in English) Shopping - (Living in English) Recreation - (Living in English) Housing - (Living in English) Employment - (Living in English) Health - (Living in English) Family - (Living in English) Getting Acquainted - (Living in English) Corporate Responsibility - (Mini-Debates) Banning Trans Fats - (Mini-Debates) Caring for the Elderly - (Mini-Debates) Euthanasia - (Mini-Debates) Banning Pit Bulls - (Mini-Debates) Animal Testing - (Mini-Debates) Cheating - (Mini-Debates) Gun Control - (Mini-Debates) Smoking Ban - (Mini-Debates) The Kyoto Protocol - (Mini-Debates) Banning Landmines - (Mini-Debates) Gene Patenting - (Mini-Debates) Live 8 Concerts - (Mini-Debates) Water Privatization - (Mini-Debates) File Sharing - (Mini-Debates) Video Game Violence - (Mini-Debates) Junk Food at School - (Mini-Debates) Employee Tracking - (Mini-Debates) Teen Botox - (Mini-Debates) Black Gold: the Movie - (Mini-Debates) Bill Clinton - (Famous People) Madonna - (Famous People) Martin Luther King - (Famous People) Ronald Reagan - () Winston Churchill - (Famous People) Nelson Mandela - (Famous People) Albert Einstein - (Famous People) Oprah Winfrey - (Famous People) Mahatma Gandhi - (Famous People) Sigmund Freud - (Famous People) Queen Elizabeth - (Famous People) Vladimir Putin - (Famous People) Princess Diana - (Famous People) Bill Gates - (Famous People) John Lennon - (Famous People) Pablo Picasso - (Famous People) Jesse James - (Famous People) Dian Fossey - (Famous People) Gloria Steinem - (Famous People) Elvis Presley - (Famous People) Terry Fox - (Famous People) William Shakespeare - (Famous People) Salvador Allende - (Famous People) Billie Holiday - (Famous People) Lech Walesa - (Famous People) Akio Morita - (Famous People) Bob Dylan - (Famous People) Richard Pryor - (Famous People) Martha Stewart - (Famous People) James Naismith - (Famous People) Pope John Paul II - (Famous People) Alexander Graham Bell - (Famous People) Mikhail Gorbachev - (Famous People) Queen Noor - (Famous People) Thomas Edison - (Famous People) Pele - (Famous People) Mother Teresa - (Famous People) Louis Armstrong - (Famous People) Chung Ju-Yung - (Famous People) Charlie Chaplin - (Famous People) Coretta Scott King - (Famous People) Mao Zedong - (Famous People) Karl Marx - (Famous People) Charles Goodyear - (Famous People) Steve Jobs - (Famous People) Cesar Chavez - (Famous People) Desmond Tutu - (Famous People) Sam Walton - (Famous People) Yuri Gagarin - (Famous People) Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf - (Famous People) Jigme Singye Wangchuk - (Famous People) At the Post Office - (Everyday Dialogues) Job Interview - (Everyday Dialogues) Looking for an Apartment - (Everyday Dialogues) At the Pharmacy - (Everyday Dialogues) Seeing a Doctor - (Everyday Dialogues) Making a Doctor's Appointment - (Everyday Dialogues) Going to the Bank - (Everyday Dialogues) Going Shopping - (Everyday Dialogues) At the Supermarket - (Everyday Dialogues) Ordering Food - (Everyday Dialogues) At a Restaurant - (Everyday Dialogues) Going to a Movie - (Everyday Dialogues) Plans for the Weekend - (Everyday Dialogues) Introductions - (Everyday Dialogues) Returning an Item - (Everyday Dialogues) A Grocery List - (Everyday Dialogues) Asking for Directions - (Everyday Dialogues) Hailing a Taxi - (Everyday Dialogues) Anne Frank - (Mini-Biographies) Barber Pole - (Mini-Biographies) Bikini - (Mini-Biographies) Bruce Lee - (Mini-Biographies) Muhammad Ali - (Mini-Biographies) Amelia Earhart - (Mini-Biographies) Frisbee - (Mini-Biographies) Jackie Robinson - (Mini-Biographies) Joan of Arc - (Mini-Biographies) Rosa Parks - (Mini-Biographies) Dionne Quintuplets - (Mini-Biographies) Marilyn Monroe - (Mini-Biographies) Nessie - (Mini-Biographies) Audrey Hepburn - () Frankenstein - (Mini-Biographies) Berlin Wall - (Mini-Biographies) Hanabiko - () Gospel and Jazz - () Empire State Building - () Barbie - (Mini-Biographies) Wa-Tho-Huk - (Mini-Biographies) James Dean - (Mini-Biographies) Ladies of Liberty - (Mini-Biographies) Perfect Modals - (Grammar Stories) Adjectives - (Grammar Stories) Connectors - (Grammar Stories) Past Perfect - (Grammar Stories) Past Perfect Prog.- (Grammar Stories) Passive Voice - (Grammar Stories) 3rd Conditional - (Grammar Stories) Chester Arthur - (American Presidents) Gerunds / Infinitives - (Grammar Stories) Future (going to) - (Grammar Stories) Present Perfect Continuous - (Grammar Stories) Present Perfect - (Grammar Stories) Simple Past with Past Progressive - (Grammar Stories) Simple Past - (Grammar Stories) Simple Pres / Present Prog.

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- (Basic Grammar Sentences) Present Perfect - Have you ever?- (Everyday Idioms (Spanish)) Lección 8 - Luis pierde su trabajo.- (Everyday Idioms (Spanish)) Lección 10 - De compras.- (Everyday Idioms (Spanish)) Lección 9 - Ana aprueba el examen.- (Everyday Idioms (Spanish)) Lección 11 - Planes para el futuro.

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